LE.TV: Quick Tip to Sneak in More Veggies to Your Daily Diet

Article by ross

A Quick, Easy Little Way to Get HEAPS More Alkaline Vegetables Into Your Diet (and your family’s too!)

Hey, Ross here with a super quick tip to get more alkaline vegetables into your day. In fact with this one tip you could add 2-4 more serves of alkaline veggies easily, without even breaking sweat!

In my recent guide Your Five Simple Steps to Get Alkaline Today I suggested one of the ways is to find as many ways to include greens in your diet as possible, and made a few suggestions there.

Well, as fate would have it – that night I made my family and I a great big alkaline veggie soup and realised – THIS IS ONE OF MY TIPS!

How to Do It: Sneaking More Alkaline Vegetables into Your Meal

All you need to do is blend as many raw, alkaline, leafy green and soup-friendly foods into your soup when you blend it up!

In this soup I blended cucumber, basil, spinach, tomatoes and coriander in – once the main soup had cooked.

The soup tasted delicious and it contains approx an extra 2 serves of raw, alkaline vegetables per person/bowl!


I’m all about making it as easy as possible for you and I hope this little tip has helped!

Even if you’re worried about altering the taste too much – you can still use a little less stock in your soup and blend in a cucumber instead. And some fresh tomatoes. It all adds to the flavour!

References & Extras

I personally use the Vitamix blender for all of my soups, smoothies, dressings, dips and raw cakes etc. It can handle pretty much anything you throw into it – veggies, nuts, leaves and so on. I love it. Here’s where you can find more about the Vitamix. No affiliation or commercial relationship btw.

For vegetable stock – I love to use the Marigold brand. It contains heaps of flavour and is mostly made up of alkaline vegetables, seasonings and is gluten free too. Here’s a link to Marigold.

How do you tell what a serve of alkaline vegetables look like? I made a visual post about this a few years ago and you might find that useful: Photos – What Does One Serve of Alkaline Vegetables Look Like

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